Mystic Messenger email guide – all correct answers  

On our Mystic Messenger email manage control page you'll find cure answers to each email, from every guest. Directly with V and Ray Route (Another Story) answers!

To get an ordinary or incredible fulfillment in Mystic messenger walkthrough manage, you should welcome guests to the RFA's social occasion. You require no less than ten certified guests for a conventional fulfillment.

Guests will go to the social affair in case you make more appropriate than mistaken responses while taking note of their messages. The correct responses to all messages in Mystic Messenger are recorded underneath.

Guests will email you and begin discourses if you propose or agree that they should be invited in the midst of Mystic Messenger talk room sessions, and now and again in the midst of visual novel pieces.

The guests are recorded in alphabetic demand by their username, which begins with the @ picture. Use CTRL+F or your program's in-page look for ability to find what you're scanning for quickly and easily.

While Casual and Deep Story share an ordinary pool of guests, Another Story messages are extraordinary. You'll see them in their own specific fragment at the base of the page – anyway CTRL+F (work territory) or find on page (adaptable) will take you perfect to them.

Need more help to open endings, get on the right course or wonderment your most adored talk amigo? You can find walkthroughs, tips and diverse resources on our Mystic Messenger control focus point.

Most especially, in the event that you're hunting down where to open email guests, take a gander at the Mystic Messenger talk times logbook, or check in with the walkthroughs on our Mystic Messenger character guides.


  • Cat affectability
  • Ground sirloin sandwich and kelp soup
  • I might be oversensitive to guests not setting off to the social occasion.


  • Monet
  • The Louver
  • Cantabile
  • @badcomment
  • I'll envision your next video! ?
  • Report them.


  • 100% credit expense
  • Swiss bank.
  • $1.2 million all in genuine cash.


  • Arabica coffee!
  • Spill planning.
  • Italian


  • Do whatever it takes not to pressure!
  • Jolt U Up Silver Bracelet.
  • Snare machines at the strip mall.


  • Cat buffet.
  • Shouldn't something be said about people putting on a show?
  • Cat limousine!


  • Head whine!
  • Odd eye whine!
  • Diamond litter.


  • Clearly!
  • Give them sustenance and respite.
  • Electronic interpersonal interaction areas.


  • 3 holders, cook
  • You mix just as you're cutting, cook.
  • 20 minutes
  • V and Ray Route (Another Story) messages

This messages underneath are only available in Another Story – not Casual Story or Deep Story, and identify with V and Ray Route. We're relatively sure we've found each possible guest and right answers presently, regardless of the way that the substance may not definitely facilitate the suitable reactions. Fill us in with respect to whether you perceive a screw up!

  • Minimum to Invite to Good End
  • Interesting Story: 10
  • Another Story: 16~20??

In order to get some individual to 100% take steps to go to the get-together, you need to get three right messages with three green jolts and an aggregate in silver/blue-green.

  • In case you get two completed messages, there is a plausibility they will come (green).
  • Green jolt infers the email is right.
  • Orange jolt infers the email was mixed up.
  • Answer astoundingly in. Make an effort not to allow them to sit.

Welcome the best number of as you can. Make an effort not to worry over conceivably inviting some person your friendship interest hate. Note: Inviting cat guests in Jaehee's course and Zen's fanclub in Zen's course are the fundamental exceptional cases and will realize heartbreaks from Jaehee and moreover one heart being diminished your general talk mean.

  • It various take days from a couple of guests to hit you up. I had guests confirming they would come and being checked completed, the day of the social affair. Be peaceful.
  • If you are endeavoring to get the common end for each character, don't welcome any guests or welcome under 9. Anything over that will influence you incredible to end.
  • You will start having the ability to recognize messages on the second day.
  • You should participate in talks and encourage characters to have them send you an email remembering the ultimate objective to get messages.

When you accomplish the social occasion and (extraordinary?) end the preoccupation, the extra things locale will open. If you press the catch for guests, you will be show the rundown if individuals to go to. Picking a guest that went to and tuning in to the story will concede you 1HG the primary event when you do this. You won't be give a HG again after read a guests story once.

To get the Good and Normal Ends out of the way in one go: When you get in messages, reply until the point that you have each one of the three green jolt or an orange jolt yet DO NOT open the last answer from the guest! On the eleventh Day, save before the get-together. After you have saved, open all messages and after that proceed to the social affair. When you have a Good End screen and are flown back to the essential menu, stack up your set something aside for 5HG and a while later proceed to the social event without opening any messages. You will then Normal End. This will save you time and, to the degree I am concerned, is defended paying little heed to the 5HG.

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